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Waste management

We provide a full range of waste management services for our Clients, starting with the collection and transportation, and ending with the waste neutralization and disposal for burial. Our Company is fully licensed to provide services in this area and today, we have one of the widest licenses in the Sakhalin Region. In addition, our team has a unique experience in all major projects in the region, including Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, and Sakhalin-3.

We are constantly introducing the latest technologies and practices in this area, and due to this, we can solve the most complex tasks of our Clients, consistently providing quality services at the highest level. The list of projects successfully implemented by us begins with small, one-time work and ends with region-forming long-term contracts.

426 A Mira Avenue, office 26,
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 693004, Russia